Mail Problems

We attempt to respond to E-mail messages within two business days. If you do not receive a response within that time, and we are not traveling or in training (check the home page), please resend the message. If you do not receive a response within two more days, your message was probably not delivered, and you will have to call us at 858-689-2227.

Please remember that E-mail is not a robust communication medium and there are no guarantees of delivery. This applies to messages that you send to us, and our responses.


To reduce the amount of spam (unsolicited bulk/commercial E-mail) we have to go through to see to our customer's messages, we make use of both SORBS and Spamhaus. In addition, we have developed our own list of known spam sources. Sometimes, a real message will be dropped by these filters, but this is a very rare event. If you send us a message that gets refused, please complain to your ISP. The reason that the message was refused is that your ISP allows spammers to use their services. If your ISP is unable or unwilling to correct the issue, please feel free to call us at 858-689-2227, and we'll process your order.

In addition to the use of the above spam filters, WhisperPC uses Wpoision to actively discourage spammers by filling their E-mail address databases with invalid addresses.

For information on the impact of spam, please see this web page.

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Whisper PC products is currently in the process of building it's on-line store. We will carry high-quality components for building a quiet PC. Please be patient with us.

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