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WhisperPC Products deplores the use of spam (unsolicited bulk or commercial E-mail) as a marketing tool. For this reason, we make use of both SORBS and Spamhaus to filter out spam. In addition, we have located several spam sources that are not in the above lists. The following Class-C subnets (netmask may not send E-mail directly to us:

In addition, the following IP addresses may not send E-mail directly to us:

Finally, the following domains may not send E-mail directly to us:

It should be noted that these lists change as spam is received, and as the addresses are added to the above public spam lists. Every attempt is made to keep this list up to date with the blacklist in the mail system, but it may fall a bit behind from time to time.

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Whisper PC products is currently in the process of building it's on-line store. We will carry high-quality components for building a quiet PC. Please be patient with us.

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