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WhisperPC Products is willing to grant permission to use or reprint copyrighted materials. In some cases, a fee may be charged. However, before you use any or any part of these materials, you must obtain the necessary permission.

The procedure for requesting permission to use or reprint materials isn't cumbersome (see below), and WhisperPC Products will make every effort to respond in a manner that is timely and accommodating of special circumstances. Still, to plan ahead and avoid last-minute emergencies that it might not be possible to accommodate, allow approximately 15 working days for processing of mail requests from within the US (foreign requests will take longer), and 10 working days for processing E-mail or FAX requests.


Send your request by mail, FAX, or e-mail, to:

Peter Ashford
WhisperPC Products
P.O. Box 910845
San Diego, CA 92191

FAX: 858-689-2227



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  1. The name, title, phone number, FAX number and E-mail address of the person placing the request.
  2. The name, URL and description of the company to use WhisperPC Products' web page.
  3. The URL of the web page to be used.
  4. Title and description of product to include WhisperPC Products' web page.
  5. The type of publication in which the WhisperPC Products material will appear, e.g. book, periodical, handout, diskette, electronic program (software), List Serve posting, newsgroup posting, ftp site, Web site, corporate intranet.
  6. URL and/or publisher, as appropriate.
  7. If published, the estimated number of copies to be printed or produced (if intranet, number of users).
  8. Whether the copies will be sold or free and if sold, give the price. If copies are free to attendees of a program, give the cost of the program.
  9. The date(s) the material will be distributed.
  10. Any other information that you feel may be appropriate.

Please note that failure to provide requested information may cause a significant delay.

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